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MERCATOR, the Journal of Geography of the Federal University of Ceará, associated to the Post-graduation in Geography, aims to strengthen the channel of scientific dissemination in Brazilian Geography.

The print version was created in 2002 and in 2008 it was consolidated as an online journal, adopting a database made available by the IBICT (SEER / OJS) in order to broaden access to its public and facilitate the procedures for the referral  and analysis of the papers submitted. 

Online access broadens the Journal's scope of action, allowing free access to scientific output, both in the back issues (printed versions of the magazine available in PDF) and the recent online-only issues.

May MERCATOR continue to instigate reflections and analyzes, as evoked by its name, a homage to the great geographer who reformulated Geography in the sixteenth century.



MERCATOR is a privileged space for the dissemination of scientific works, resulting from in-depth research (Master's, Doctorate and similar) dealing with preeminent issues for academic society and the natural and social sciences. 

Target Public

The target public are researchers in Physical and Human Geography, as well as in related sciences.

Aims and Scope

MERCATOR seeks to contribute to the dissemination of reflections on current issues related to geography, such as: environmental issues, modernization in the field, the use and conservation of natural resources, urban issues and the processes of metropolization, natural dynamics, social movements in the field and in the city, tourism and coastal transformation, regional problems, geoprocessing, globalization and development.



The Journal has been in continuous publication since 2017, with articles being published every month of the year.


Open Access Policy

MERCATOR offer all of its published content free of charge to be browsed, downloaded and distributed.


Open Science Policy

To adapt to the values of open science, MERCATOR publicly presents the name of the editors responsible for each published manuscript, in each of its distribution formats.


Preprint Servers

Manuscripts may be submitted to preprint servers before or in parallel with submission to MERCATOR. Such manuscripts must have a location with a link. Such manuscripts will undergo a blind evaluation, where the reviewers are aware of the authors' identity.

Preprint servers accepted by MERCATOR are: SciELO Preprints, OSFPreprints and Advance.




Copyright Notice

MERCATOR adopts the CC BY 3.0 Creative Commons Attribution License license that permits distribution, remixing, adaption and creation based on its work, even for commercial purposes, provided that the author's credit is verified in the manner specified by the CSP. Authors retain the copyright and grant MERCATOR the right of first publication


Repository and Distribution Policy

Authors are authorized to sign additional contracts separately, for non-exclusive distribution of the version of the work published in this journal (e.g., publish in an institutional repository or as a book chapter), with acknowledgment of authorship and initial publication in this journal.

Authors are allowed and encouraged to publish and distribute their work online (e.g., in institutional repositories or on their personal page) at any point before or during the editorial process, as this can generate productive changes as well as increase the impact and citation of the published work (see The Effect of Free Access).


Archiving Policy

Open Journal Systems supports the LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) system to ensure a secure and permanent archive for the journal. LOCKSS is open source software developed at Stanford University Library that enables libraries to preserve selected web journals by regularly polling registered journal websites for newly published content and archiving it. Each archive is continually validated against other library caches, and if content is found to be corrupted or lost, the other caches or the journal is used to restore it.


Contributor Roles

The roles of each contributor must be clearly described during the submission process. MERCATOR encourages authors to use the CReditT taxonomy for this purpose. The names of the contributors and their respective roles are made available to readers on all formats published.


Conflict of Interests

Authors must disclose any and all conflicts of interests that arose during the submission development. Be it financial, personal, professional or contractual.


Ethics, Malpractice and Plagiarism

MERCATOR follows the recommendations outlined in the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines and the principles described in Core practice: https://publicationethics.org/core-practices/, which intend to prevent plagiarism, self-plagiarism, falsification, and data fabrication resulting from ethics violations.

This scientific misconduct produces works based on the presentation of false data, the manipulation of data, procedures, and results, as well as the misappropriation of ideas from third parties without the appropriate acknowledgment.
The following are indicated to implement action to inhibit such conduct:

1. COPE best practices and guidance ( http://publicationethics.org ) should be consulted and followed;

2. Procedures should be adopted to ensure compliance with the criteria, specifically the use of software and/or plagiarism detection mechanisms. The results generated by these processes shall support the decisions made by editors and the editorial board on whether to proceed with a peer review and, consequently, whether or not to initiate the submission evaluation process. The article's final approval is the sole responsibility of the editors and the editorial board, and rejection can occur both before and after publication. In the latter case, the article will be retracted or removed together with an explanatory note.

MERCATOR's adherence to this policy promotes ethics and integrity in scientific practice, based on impersonality, transparency, and confidentiality and also the preservation of the rights of the authors, reviewers, and institutions involved in the publication of the magazine.

Concerns about breach of ethics or existence of malpractice regarding works published by MERCATOR should be sent to our editorial team at mercator@ufc.br. After research and deliberation, one of our editors will report our findings and planned course of action, if any is in fact needed.

Under no circumstances the MERCATOR editorial team will incite or abide by infractions of ethics, as informed above. Strict measures are taken by the editors during the editorial process to identify potential breaches, including, but not limited to: plagiarism, citation manipulation and fabrication of research data.


Data Sharing

MERCATOR encourages authors to make their research data available in repositories such as Mendeley Data and OSF.


Submission Retraction, Removal, and Correction

Submissions may be retracted, removed or corrected when deemed necessary by the Editorial Team. Minor modifications such as the correction of spelling or grammatical errors will not be notified, while major corrections will be marked in the submissions page. Retracted submissions will not be hidden, but will have a warning in its page informing readers of the retractions. Removed submissions will no longer be available after removal.

Submission Review Process

MERCATOR utilizes the Double Blind Peer Review process, where the identities of both authors and reviewers are kept secret from both parts.


Average time between Submission and Publication

12 weeks


Publication Fees

MERCATOR does not charge for submission processing, nor does it charge for the review, publishing, distribution or download processes.

The Adoption of Keywords

In order to ensure the optimal placement of the submitted article and to facilitate research with the new tools, special attention should be given when indicating the keywords in topic 3.4 (Submission Indexing), with a selection that is representative of the content of the work.


Publishing Languages

With a view to its internationalization, MERCATOR strives to make works available, preferably, in English and Portuguese. The originals will be published in these two languages; on the request of an author it is possible to publish only in Spanish, French or English.

The manuscripts must be written in accessible language, avoiding the theoretical jargon and mathematical formulations, as long as this does not detract from the quality of the work.



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M524 - MERCATOR - year 1, n. 1 (jan./jul. 2002-. - Fortaleza: UFC, 2002

ISSN: 1676-8329 (2002 - 2008)
electronic ISSN: 1984-2201 (2007- present)
Semestral (2002-2007)
Quarterly (2008 - present)
Trimestral (2016)
Continuous (2017 - present)

1. Geography - Periodicals. 2. UFC - Brasil

CDD 910

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