• Carlos Cassemiro Casaril UNIOESTE


The main objective of this work was to develop an analysis of the social-spatial formation of the Southwest of Paraná, presenting the genesis of the cities that make up the urban networks of Francisco Beltrão and Pato Branco. Various quantitative and qualitative methodological and operational procedures were used to carry out the research, including a bibliographic review, the collection of secondary data from several institutions, extensive documentary research in regional newspapers and bibliographies dealing with the theme. As a procedure, this work uses the category of Social-Spatial Formation. Therefore, it understands its evolution, its current situation, its historical change and its relations as a concrete-historical, geographically localized reality. This category is linked to the perspective of historical urban geography, as it seeks to analyze the historical process to unveil the pillars of spatial organization / transformation that result from the unity of continuity and discontinuity. As a result of the research, the objectives of unveiling the social-spatial formation of the region and its genesis, evolution and current situation were reached by linking this perspective to the urban network.

Author Biography

Carlos Cassemiro Casaril, UNIOESTE

Geógrafo pela UNIOESTE - Francisco Beltrão - PR; Mestre em Geografia, Meio Ambiente e Desenvolvimento pela UEL - Universidade Estadual de Londrina; Doutor em Geografia pela UFSC. Bolsista do Programa Nacional de Pós-doutorado - CAPES. Desenvolvido pesquisa junto ao Programa de Pós-Graduação em Geografia da UNIOESTE - Francisco Beltrão - PR.

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Rede Urbana; Formação sócio-espacial; Centros Urbanos; Urban historical geography; Urban Network; Urban centers; Francisco Beltrão; Pato; Geografía histórica urbana; Red Urbana